Hurry Up And Live!!

20161206_204854Spending 6 months in Santiago is beyond a doubt verysettling.  There is no denying it…I lost my lust for adventure and spent an unintended extra 3 months in Santiago.
Don’t get me wrong… it was nice. Nice…but is that the adjective you want to look back on my travels and use? If the answer is no get on a bus and go!!
Without even realising it, I was becoming claustrophobic, a shell of my former lively self, feeling like I was drowning and unfortunately I didn’t realise this  until I actually left santiago.

Be Selfish!!

One piece of advice I have and one I am going to live by from now on… don’t change your plans for someone else.. on your travels you come first! If, like me, you are a people pleaser you can easily become ‘swayed’. Be lead off your path and suddenly you are putting others desires ahead of your own.  STOP AND BE SELFISH!!!!
I think some of us tend to be an easy target… finding it difficult to say no to people, wanting to please everyone but yourself…. get over yourself!! Initially I blamed it on my personality, it’s the way I am… but when I began to analyse why I stayed longer in Santiago, it wasn’t because I was being manipulated,it wasn’t because I was pressured by anyone else, it was simply because I had become comfortable.

Wake the hell up!!

Adventure keeps the soul alive and by lacking adventure I was becoming dormant. Knowing that you have an open ended ticket for travelling it allows you to relax… there are no time restrictions, you can stay longer in places than previously anticipated and still have time to spare. This is an amazing thing.  It is a gift that not many get to experience so for God’s sake please don’t waste it!! I think if I were to start over I wouldn’t have stayed so long in Chile but then without having stayed there I wouldnt know what I know now. Life is for living and travelling is for experiencing and learning. As I am writing this I am sitting on a plane to La Paz, feeling like my ribs have all of a sudden expanded and I can finally breath! Was I not breathing before?!

From Comfort to Adventure!!

As I am a sufferer of anxiety, new beginnings always scare me. This time however it is more a feeling of excitement than fear! (A totally new sensation for me). Of course I also have such feelings as being nervous, a little scared and anxious but I can breathe! Not just a surface breath..but deep! I’m not sure how long it is since I’ve been able to!!
The biggest fear for a person like me is being alone with yout thoughts.  This is something I don’t experience often and try my best to venture as far from my mind as possible. This trip I refuse to! Embrace and learn to love the little me inside. Learn to trust her…catch those knots of tension in your stomach and allow them to become butterflies! Adventure brings these feelings constantly and now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. Day one in La Paz… get out and mingle! Open my eyes and see what there is to see! Just live!!


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